The Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network

Welcome to the UNB Radio and Space Physics Laboratory (RSPL)

Grise Fiord 2015
CHAIN 2019 Team
CHAIN 2019 Team
Grise Fiord 2015
Grise Fiord 2015
Grise Fiord 2015
Grise Fiord 2015
Grise Fiord 2015
Grise Fiord 2015

Lab Members

Dr PT Jayachandran
(Principal Investigator)
Dr David Themens
(Adjunct Professor)
Dr Anthony McCaffrey
(Senior Scientific Programmer)
Dr Anton Kascheyev
(Research Scientist)
Dr Chris Watson
(Research Scientist)
Dr Karim Meziane
(Research Scientist)
Dr Jeff Langille
(Balloon Satellite Payload Specialist)
Dr Paul Prikryl
(Research Scientist)
Dr Torsten Reuschel
(High Frequency Systems Engineer)
Joey Bernard
(Computational Research Consultant)
Ben Reid
(PhD Student)
Ebtesam Farid
(PhD Student)
Aliaa Afify
(PhD Student)
Edward Braden
(MSc Student)
Kaili Song
(Phd Student)
Neline Labuschagne
(MSc Student)
Todd Kelly
(Technical Officer)
Nicholas Boucher
(Scientific Research Technician)
Richard Chadwick
(Research Technician)

Research Areas

Instrumentation Ionospheric Model Development Fundamental Research
• Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde (CADI) • Empirical Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (E-CHAIM) • Physics of Solar - Terrestrial interaction
• Modular Ionospheric Sounder (MODIS) • Assimilative Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (A-CHAIM) • Vertical coupling in the atmosphere
• Broadband RF receivers • Canadian High Arctic Scintillation Model (CHASM) • Metrology
• GNSS receiver technology   • Data science


• Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network (CHAIN) • Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Models (CHAIM) • Modular Ionospheric Sounder (MODIS) LINK TO BE REPLACED
• Assimilative Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (A-CHAIM) • Empirical Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (E-CHAIM) • Retrospective Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (R-CHAIM)
• Geospatial and Space Weather Network Canada (GSWN CAN) LINK TO BE REPLACED

Most Recent Publications

  • Migoya-Orue, Y., Alazo-Cuartas, K., Kashcheyev, A., Amory-Mazaudier, C., Radicella, S., Nava, B., et al. (2021), B2 Thickness Parameter Response to Equinoctial Geomagnetic Storms, Sensors. MDPI AG link

  • Hong, J., Chung, J., Ham, Y., Kwak, Y., & Kim, Y. H. (2021), Inferring the Horizontal Speed of an Ionospheric Irregularity From a Single GPS Scintillation Receiver at High Latitudes, Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics. American Geophysical Union (AGU) link

  • Themens, D. R., Reid, B., Jayachandran, P. T., Larson, B., Koustov, A. V., Elvidge, S., et al (2021), E-CHAIM as a model of Total Electron Content: Performance and Diagnostics, Space Weather. American Geophysical Union (AGU) link

  • Liu, L., Morton, Y. J., & Liu, Y. (2021), Machine Learning Prediction of Storm-time High-latitude Ionospheric Irregularities from GNSS-derived ROTI Maps, Geophysical Research Letters link

  • Madhanakumar, M., Kashcheyev, A., & Jayachandran, P. T. (2021), On the Dependence of Amplitude and Phase Scintillation Indices on Magnetic Field Aligned Angle: A Statistical Investigation at High Latitudes, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 1-5 link

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