Data Policy and Disclaimer

CHAIN data can be used free of charge for informational, research, and educational purposes only. If you wish to use CHAIN data in your publications, please inform CHAIN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Use of CHAIN data for profit requires consultation with the CHAIN team for appropriate licensing arrangements prior to use.

Redistribution of CHAIN data in any format, including electronic media, is not permitted without written agreement from CHAIN.

Despite considerable effort invested in instrument deployment, calibration, and data quality control, CHAIN data may contain errors. Therefore, the accuracy or reliability of CHAIN data is not guaranteed and the CHAIN team will not be liable for any damages that occur from using the CHAIN data. If you have any doubt about the quality of CHAIN data please contact one of the CHAIN team members.

CHAIN Data Policy

  1. Open data policy for scientific use.
  2. Use of CHAIN data should be properly acknowledged in publications and presentations. As described in the GO Canada Data Policy, users of these data products are required to acknowledge the source(s) of data. Where possible, this acknowledgemet should take the form of a formal citation to the data, such as the citations used when referring to a journal article. If a journal's editorial policies prohibit formal citation of the data, the citation should instead refer to the journal article in paragraph 3 below.
  3. The proper CHAIN citation should be used when referencing CHAIN data. CHAIN reference is:
    Jayachandran, P. T., R. B. Langley, J. W. MacDougall, S. C. Mushini, D. Pokhotelov, A. M. Hamza, I. R. Mann, D. K. Milling, Z. C. Kale, R. Chadwick, T. Kelly, D. W. Danskin, and C. S. Carrano (2009), The Canadian high arctic ionospheric network (CHAIN), Radio Sci., 44, RS0A03, doi:10.1029/2008RS004046, 2009.
  4. Once a paper using CHAIN data is published, the principal author of that paper should provide the reference to CHAIN for record keeping.
  5. Co-authorship on publications using CHAIN data is not required. However, if CHAIN team member(s) contributes significantly to the analysis and interpretation of the CHAIN data, then that team member(s) should be included as co-author of the publication.
  6. Higher order data products, such as the data assimilated TEC maps, use software/models provided by other research groups through agreements with CHAIN. In these cases, CHAIN is required to keep those agreements and protocols. Please contact CHAIN in these cases.