The Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network

This page contains supplementary software to support work being done with CHAIM data and models.



Below, you will find the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) Index Files:



Below, you will find an example of the gnuplot scripts that are used to generate the plots within the E-CHAIM web application.

set term pngcairo font ',7' size 800,600 set out '../images/echaim/".$id."ECHAIMOutput.png' unset key set contour base set cntrparam bspline set cntrparam order 8 set cntrparam levels 10 set cntrlabel onecolor unset surface set view map set style data lines set pm3d implicit at b set pm3d interpolate 10,10 set autoscale xfix set autoscale yfix set timefmt '%Y%m%d%H%M%S' set xdata time set xlabel 'Date - Time' set xtics 17280 set ylabel 'Longitude' set zlabel 'NmF2 [10^{11} m^{-3}]' set title 'NmF2 [10^{11} m^{-3}] - Latitude = ".$latitude." splot 'data.dat' using 1:2:($3/1e11) lc rgb '#000000' set out