The Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network

R-CHAIM assimilation runs

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Rules of the Road

R-CHAIM is provided free to all users; however, if used for scientific purposes, please follow the below rules of the road:

  1. Any publication resulting from the use of this assimilation system must include the following acknowledgement: "E-CHAIM, A-CHAIM, and R-CHAIM are supported under Defence Research and Development Canada contract number W7714‐186507/001/SS and are maintained by the Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network (CHAIN) with operations support from the Canadian Space Agency."
  2. Please contact echaim at if you publish results using the model or assimilation systems. This information will help support future development and maintenance of the model and we will add your publication to our publications list (
  3. Users must provide a link to their assimilation run in any papers published using R-CHAIM. All runs will be preserved for ease of access by readers and reviewers.